Social Security and Customer Service

A few days ago, MeriTalk released results of a survey on customer satisfaction with government services . Though the title is somewhat downbeat, “New Study Shows Only 31 Percent of Americans Give Federal Agencies High Marks for Customer Service,” there is a bright spot for the Social Security Administration. The article says, “Leading agencies, such as the Social Security Administration and Department of Education, set the bar with more than half of customers reporting exceptional service.”

Those of us who have known the people at Social Security are not surprised. Social Security customer representatives are some of the most dedicated public servants, and most often will go the extra mile to make sure customers get the best possible service they can give them. They do so under pretty tough circumstances, which apparently will only get tougher in the near future. But, having gotten to know quite a few of them, I am confident that if there is a similar survey next year, Social Security’s numbers will again shine.

Congratulations to the workers at Social Security for not surprising us- that is, doing what you have been doing for a long time, providing excellent service to the American public.


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